Project Team

Advantages of having New Leaf Home Design as part of the Project Team

Every successful new home or renovation is the product of a team effort by the homeowner, the designer, and the contractor. I encourage homeowners to involve the contractor early, so that their input on detailing, material choices, and project costs can be incorporated into the design process.

Remodeling contractors sometimes do the drawings required to obtain building permits themselves, and for some simple projects this is sufficient, and for new homes there are many stock plans available.  For some projects however, working with New Leaf Home Design offers advantages for both the homeowner and the contractor.

    • Over 20 years of professional experience in residential design
    • Customized design
    • Knowledge of energy efficient design and sustainable practices
    • Three dimensional modeling and detailed plans for improved communication between contractors and homeowners
    • Confident integration of building and zoning code requirements
    • Clear, detailed drawings for permit submissions, estimating, and construction

By working with New Leaf, contractors can bring their level of professionalism a step higher. Improved service during the pre-construction phases and professional quality of design in your finished project supports client satisfaction and encourages more referrals.

If you are a homeowner and are unsure who you would like to have build your project, I can give you names of some of the qualified contractors I know in northeast Ohio. And if you do have a contractor in mind, I’m always eager to get to know new ones!

Give me a call and we’ll talk about how New Leaf can benefit your renovation team!