header_image**New Leaf Home Design is continuing to provide services during the COVID-19 shut down.  Please see my blog with details here.**

I’m Hallie Bowie, architect and founder of New Leaf Home Design.   One of my great joys in life is working with clients to create homes that work beautifully for them and their families.  My philosophy is that quality design and materials are ultimately more enjoyable than lots of square footage: the “Not So Big House”* idea.   Whether you want to modify an existing home or build a new one, together we can create a design to accomplish your goals.

Addition and Renovation Projects:

Do you love your neighborhood, but need some adjustments to your home so you can stay there for years to come?  Would you like to use your home’s existing spaces as well as possible, and add just enough new area to accomplish your goals?  I’ve helped many families with projects such as:

  • Kitchen renovations and additions
  • Creating a more open floor plans by removing the walls between Kitchens, Family Rooms, and Dining areas
  • Improving Mudroom entries
  • Aging-in-Place changes, such as creating accessible first floor Master Suites and Laundry areas, and widening doorways
  • Garage additions
  • Master Bedroom renovations and additions
  • Porch additions
  • Exterior renovations, such as front porch renovations and siding upgrades

New Homes:

Would you like to build a home that is designed for energy efficiency, makes the most of the views on your site, is oriented to take advantage of the sun, and provides just as much space as you and your family need?   My new homes are designed to meet the Department of Energy’s Zero Energy Ready Home guidelines.    The foundation, wall and ceiling assemblies provide plenty of insulation; the windows are located to provide plenty of warm winter sun while minimizing summer overheating; and the detailing recognizes the importance of air sealing for energy savings.   And because it is designed just for you, I’ll make sure it includes the things that are important to you: a Kitchen designed for serious cooking, space for musical instruments, a home office space, or any other feature that will make the difference between building a house and building your home.

Take a few minutes to explore the website and see what New Leaf Home Design can do for you!

* “Not So Big” is a registered trademark of Susanka Studios. For more information, go to www.notsobighouse.com